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Is it really possible?

Yes it is possible! With our Trading Introduction E-Book you will see exactly how.

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What does BonTrade offer that others don´t? BonTrade have a Live Trade Room backing up our clients each and every Trading Day. We trade LIVE in front of our clients every day, we don´t hide behind email addresses or "web contact forms" - Our Live Trade Room is open to all our clients and we will chat LIVE in private with you about any concerns or questions you have.


it is also written in a very clear way, very easy for me to understand


What do I need to be able to do?

You need to be able to use a computer and have an hour per day spare, everything you need to do is described in full detail inside the Trading Introduction E-Book but basically you will need to be able to use a computer mouse and have some spare time to be able to focus on the market. You will be shown exactly where to enter the market, where to exit and what buttons to click - To enter and exit a trade 2 buttons need to be pressed using the mouse. That´s it!

- Can you use a computer?
- Do you have internet access?
- Are you able to click 2 buttons using your mouse?

If you can answer YES to these questions then you are good to get started!


i just have to tell you that the course is truely


What do I get? The Trading Introduction E-Book teaching everything you need to get set-up and started.

Module 1 teaching how to get started from the ground up.

- How to set up your charts, all the knowledge you need to know.
- How to learn and prove it to yourself WITHOUT ever risking a dime in the market.
- How to get Professional Trading Software set up for FREE. Normally costing 995$ this saves you $$$.

- How to Trade the market in seconds by internet. Your platform does everything with a simple CLICK.
- How to fully optimize your Profits by utilizing our Live Trade Room
- Easy entry trades that show themselves daily.
- Enter and exit the market alongside others who know exactly when and where to trade.
- Details of how to become a Funded Professional. Never risk a personal dime in the market.


i have to thank you for your help. my profits have exploded since starting the course, the level of trading in the room was good before, now its amazing



* 1 week FREE in our daily Live Trade Room. Experience our Professional Team Environment first hand. Save $100
Insight into the Live Trade Room which shows precise & exact LIVE entries via the Charts
FREE ongoing dedicated 24hour on-line FORUM for all your support

* Get the $995.00 NinjaTrader Platform for FREE LIVE TRADING. Never Pay for this software!


What if I want to learn more after the Trading Introduction E-Book? Then you can upgrade to our Full Advanced Course, everyone has this option if they really want to learn everything we do.


The Best thing about ALL this? You can test it out LIVE in your own home without risking a DIME to the market. You do not need to fund a Broker account, you do not need to pay for software, you do not need to learn the hard way by trial and error - You simply follow the instructions that we provide in the Trading Introduction E-Book and prove it to yourself before ever putting any hard earned money on the line.


the bontrade course its really unbelievable, theres so much and its written so clearly

The Trading Introduction E-Book comprises Module 1 from the full BonTrade Advanced Course.

It really is possible to learn to trade consistently and profitably, WHEN you are shown the correct information.
We introduce you to exceptionally profitable Trades in the Live Trade Room, learn alongside Professionals.
The Trading Introduction E-Book contains everything a novice needs to get started from a blank canvas.


The Big Question. How much will this cost me?

The value is priceless! Normally this would cost many thousands in $$$ and years to learn and implement.

Will it will be too complicated for you to understand?.. NO, when you have the right information and support to hand you can profit consistently.

Start literally within minutes and be on the road to a new career.

The price for the Trading Introduction E-Book Package, including the Bonus Additions.

Fully inclusive introductory offer of


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amazing accuracy from the BonTrade course


So for only 49.00€ you get everything you need to prove it to yourself. You even get information on how to get a Free Software Trading Platform that other professionals pay $995.00 for! Learn, Earn and Save...


Have any questions?

Send us an e-mail HERE>>, we are excited to walk you through the process, contact us now!

Learn the right way, from the start !

With the right Mentorship, you can Profit Consistently and enjoy a rewarding Career.


We will point you through the A, B, Cs    


RRP 199€ now only 49€ Limited Offer. Order TODAY.

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Instant Download Upon Payment Receipt..... Start instantly.

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