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First Steps

If you are already set up and trading, then you may want to skip this section and move right on, or why not visit our Futures and S&P Trade Room>>

Otherwise, start at the start and get it right the first time round with our "First Step Tips" - You don´t have to complete the tasks in the order below, entirely up to you, but if you follow the NEXT PAGE >> link at the bottom of each page, the process will be potentially easier to follow......

If you are completely new to trading, then please take care and read and thoroughly absorb "The Basics". This is a MUST before you start fumbling through the vast minefield that is Professional Day Trading. Happy Learning......


1) - Get yourself a Professional Trading Platform to work with - Very important to have the right daily trading tools!

2) - You MUST learn The BASICS - There are a lot of fundamentals to learn, terminology, tactics, all the basics.

3) - Learning the right MINDSET - The key to successful consistency. Do not underestimate it!

4) - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Do NOT put hard cash on the line before you competently understand the Basics.


The next pages will detail these for you - From here it really depends how much time YOU want to put in. ENJOY   NEXT PAGE >>


great traders are born not made

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