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Learning to Trade Basics


Check out the following FREE resources. these will give you a wealth of information and set you onto the right tracks. Please remember to "Learn The Basics" before trading with real money, you will not give yourself a head start by simply clicking away and trading with Real Money unless you are fully knowledgeable about what you are doing.

You must remember one thing, Trading is a Profession - far too many people feel they can just jump in a make a consistent living without any trading education at all - Well, maybe some have done so (more luck than natural skill), but it is just not that simple. You would not open the bonnet of your car and take the engine to pieces unless you had the experience to do so, would you ! ?

Learn the right way from the start - Stay ahead of the crowd.

These resources teach you the very basics of Trading. If you are experienced then you may like to skip over this section...... These are great resources - They will get you off of Newbie Status and on the road to profits.

Trading A - Z - Phrases used in daily trading life. Some exclusive to BonTrade.

BonTrade Rules - Our Golden Rules to consistent profits.

Our Live Trade Room Terminology - Many abbreviations and terms used in our daily live S&P trade chat room.

The CME Group - A lot of Free Education here direct from the Worlds Largest Exchange.

BonTrade FREE Trading Basics

** You may find it worthwhile getting a Trading Platform arranged whilst learning the basics. Then you can apply some of the Technical Issues you learn on the fly, its possibly a bit forward thinking but a great idea, this way it does not cost you one single cent ! Plenty of FREE Trading Platforms available which mimic Real Trading.


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BonTrade Pay Resources - Pop into our LIVE TRADE ROOM for a Free TRIAL. See a PRO at work


Our LIVE Trade Room is dedicated to Futures Traders and their Profitability. If you feel Futures are for you, there´s no better way to Learn

BonTrade Advanced Strategy Course is available CLICK HERE>>

The Advanced Strategy Course is an extension of the LIVE Trade Room. Learn to Trade the Right Way, From the Start.

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great traders are born not made

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